About Great Western Steel


Great Western Steel is a professional demolition management company and seller of reclaimed building materials. 

Great Western Steel will safely and professionally manage the demolition of structures and assets which are obsolete, non-performing or surplus in the modern marketplace.  Our strategy for salvage operations is compliant with industry standards and regulatory issues. 

Great Western Steel will:

  • Contract with the property owner for the right to harvest and sell the salvage.
  • Identify environmental concerns; retain and manage an environmental remediation contractor if required; and manage all aspects of hazardous waste recovery and removal.
  • Manage all aspects of demolition and removal, including retention and management of the demolition contractor.
  • Market and sell the salvaged materials - including structural steel, steel plates and sheets, steel equipment, copper wiring and tubing, brick, timbers, and other building materials reclaimed during the demolition process and suitable for sale to consumers.
  • Manage all aspects of estimating, testing, sales, shipping, accounting, invoicing, collections, financial reporting and forward planning.
  • Ensure the site is left in the condition the project specifications require.

Great Western Steel welcomes your inquires.  Please contact us concerning demolition of your non-performing assets and/or the purchase of recovered steel and reclaimed building materials.



  • Scottsdale, AZ
  • Cincinnati, OH

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